Nature-Tech Fusion | Rock Series 6 Speakers for Outdoor Bliss
Nature Meets Technology: Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Rock Series 6" Satellite Speakers

Nature Meets Technology: Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Rock Series 6" Satellite Speakers

Our premium Rock Series 6 Satellite Speakers will turn your outdoor area into a concert of nature and technology. Whether you're hosting a party or relaxing in your garden, these speakers will let you bring the beauty of nature together with the power of excellent sound. 

Crafted from genuine Granite and Sandstone, these speakers fit into your surroundings while offering outstanding audio quality.


The Pinnacle of Elegance: Granite and Sandstone

These speakers, made from natural granite and sandstone, will look great in your backyard and can withstand the weather conditions of the day. All the speakers are works of art, carefully crafted to disappear into their respective environments.

Create a tranquil oasis in your garden with the help of the Granite and Sandstone Rock Series 6 Satellite Speakers, which provide clear sound that blends in with the rustling of leaves and birds singing in the background.


Heart-Pounding Bass: Rock Series 8" Subwoofer

When combined with the Satellite Speakers, the powerful bass of the Rock Series 8" Subwoofer creates a truly immersive listening experience. Listen to your favorite music and feel the beat vibrate through the ground at your feet for a more immersive experience.


Amplify Your Experience: 250 Watts Amplifier with Embedded Wireless Streamer

With the 250 Watts Amplifier at the helm, your outdoor area becomes a stage for enhanced sound quality. Thanks to the built-in Wireless Streamer, you can listen to your media without being tethered to a wall or other object. Turn your patio into a private performance hall by streaming your favorite music.


Effortless Installation: A Complete Package

Book our exclusive package for $16,396.41 and enjoy a hassle-free installation process that covers every aspect of creating your dream outdoor audio space.

  1. Speakers Installation: Our professional installers will place your Rock Series 6 Satellite Speakers in the best possible locations to cover your entire outdoor space with high-quality sound.

  2. Wiring Concealing/Burial: Get rid of all those cords right away. We bury or otherwise hide the wiring so that your outer area remains uncluttered and attractive.

  3. Amplifier Installation and Setup: Your audio system will function at its best thanks to our expert installation and setup of amplifiers.

  4. Wireless Media Streaming App Setup: Use our wireless media streaming app to connect with your outdoor audio system easily. Our professionals will walk you through the setup procedure, placing the controls at your fingertips.


Your Outdoor Symphony Begins Here

The Rock Series 6 Satellite Speakers revolutionize backyard listening by combining organic elements with cutting-edge technologies. Raising the bar with a design that balances visual appeal and functional acoustics. 

Make your outdoor haven the setting for a concert you'll never forget by booking our installation package now. When biology and computer science collide, the revolution may begin.


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