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Add all the media sources you want to access on any display, whether it's a TV or projector, throughout your house.

Then, you will create your rooms and we'll show you the best-suited options for your Distribution System:

Matrixes: Affordable, high-quality, and a fixed number of zones.

Or, MoIP (Ethernet-based): Best quality, unlimited, easily upgradeable.

RMS Custom Video Distribution Package Builder
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Add the Tv's and Projectors.

Matrixes: Affordable, high-quality, and a fixed number of zones.

Or, MoIP (Ethernet-based): Best quality, unlimited, easily upgradeable.

RMS Custom Video Distribution Package Builder
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Picture yourself lounging on your patio, enjoying the sunset while watching your favorite sports team win on a large outdoor screen. Or, envision being able to pick up where you left off on your latest binge-watching series, no matter where you move in your home. Maybe it's movie night, and you're streaming a blockbuster in your home theater while the children are playing video games in the playroom. The power to manage multiple video sources and control their distribution across different screens and projectors in your house is what our video distribution installation service brings to your fingertips.

Welcome to House Video Distribution Installation with RMS Installs, where we help you unlock a new level of convenience and functionality in your entertainment system. Essentially, there are two primary methods to implement video distribution in your home: a Video Matrix System or a Media Over IP System (MoIP). Let's delve into their differences:

1. Video Matrix

A Video Matrix connects a limited number of sources with a limited number of outputs. Varios combination models are available, from 2 to 16 on either end, where you can select any source on any display or mirror a single source on multiple screens for a unified viewing experience.

A Video Matrix is a budget friendly option, and the number of connections is not the only variable to find the right product for your specific needs. One of the most relevant factors is the type of connections available. It can vary from analog video, for backward compatibility with vintage products, to different kinds of digital video, which will affect the choice of cables you will be able to use. Let's list the most common options nowadays:

  • HDMI: Like the matrix pictured above. HDMI connections can have great picture quality, from Full HD to 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). However, HDMI cables cannot travel long distances alone without increasing prices. This option is good if the various displays or projectors to connect are not too far from each other and only one or two are far away (to add one or two HDMI extenders).
  • HDBaseT: Instead of using HDMI cables for transporting the video signal, HDBaseT systems use ethernet cables to transmit high-definition video, audio, control signals (like IR and RS-232), and even power up to 100 meters. Ideal for larger homes or when the sources are far from the displays, this system offers superior signal quality and a neat, uncluttered setup.

Other features are also available in different models, like audio extraction, when you want to share your favorite TV Show audio with the pool or the patio, connected to your Multi-Room audio system.

2. Media Over IP (MoIP)

The ultimate solution in flexibility, scalability, and quality, Video over IP uses your existing network (wired and wireless) to distribute 4K video, audio, control signals, and even Power over Ethernet (PoE) to any connected display. Start small and expand at will. Add unlimited sources or displays just by adding more network switches. It's the best solution for new houses or major renovations where a solid network infrastructure can be planned and installed.

Why Choose RMS Installs?

At RMS Installs, we provide more than just a video distribution installation service; we deliver a complete viewing experience tailored to your needs. Our professional team handles everything from system design and installation to integration with your home automation system for effortless control. We handle the complex wiring and configurations, ensuring a seamless setup that blends into your home’s decor and lifestyle. Let RMS Installs amplify your entertainment with a house video distribution system that simply works.

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Our Guarantee
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