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At RMS Installs, we understand that sound and visual systems are crucial in creating an immersive worship experience for your congregation. Whether you are a small chapel or a large church, we offer comprehensive Audio, Video, Lighting, and Control solutions that can transform your worship space.

Our experienced professionals work with leading brands like Vivitek, Control4, Lutron, Araknis, Episode, Klipsch, Kef, Binary, and the Harman family of products to design and install state-of-the-art systems that meet your specific needs and budget. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

Video Solutions

Our video solutions can enhance the visual impact of your worship service. We provide various options to fit different spaces and budgets, from high-definition projectors and screens to video walls that can display multiple sources simultaneously.

Ultra-Bright Projectors

Dual-lamp technology provides Intelligent switching of lamps, which can double the operation time between lamp changes for those hard-to-reach installations. Also, should one lamp fail, dual lamp technology enables uninterrupted services with fall-over redundancy.

It provides nearly double the brightness of single lamp projectors, can produce exceptional brightness for large visual displays, and can compensate for higher ambient light conditions within venues.

With our expertise in control systems, we can automate the entire multi-media ecosystem from different sources switching to the creation of a streamlined collaboration environment that enables wireless presentations in a user-friendly way.

Multiple presenters can simultaneously connect and display their content, making it perfect for sermons, Bible studies, and group discussions. With features like cross-platform compatibility, secure streaming, and a built-in whiteboard, our integrated solutions make it easy to share ideas and connect with your congregation on different scales:

  • Easily reach a seating capacity of 2,500 with clear and even sound throughout the entire sanctuary.
  • Use a digital signage system to display announcements, sermon series themes, and scripture readings.
  • Empower the church staff with the capability to easily create and update content from a central location, eliminating the need for manual updates every week.

Audio Solutions

We offer a range of audio solutions to provide clear and natural sound to your congregation. Our professional-grade speakers, amplifiers, and mixers can deliver high-quality sound throughout your worship space. Our experienced team can design and install systems that ensure even sound distribution and eliminate feedback, distortion, or other issues that may disrupt your worship experience. We can also integrate your audio with video and lighting systems to create a seamless experience.

Multiple devices can be connected for easy access to additional mixer screens or as individual monitor controllers.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting can play an essential role in creating a comfortable and immersive atmosphere for worship. Our lighting solutions can transform any worship space into a welcoming and awe-inspiring environment.

For a traditional worship setting, a shared reading space, or a guest's reception, our lighting experts can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by utilizing warm color temperatures, carefully placed accent lighting, and dimming capabilities to enhance the space's natural beauty. We can also incorporate customized lighting scenes for different service parts, such as prayers, songs, and sermons.

For contemporary worship spaces, we offer lighting solutions that can create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for congregants. We can use color-changing LED fixtures, moving lights, and video screens to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.

In addition to traditional and contemporary worship spaces, we also offer lighting solutions for outdoor worship areas.

Our experts can design and install durable and weather-resistant lighting systems that enhance the natural surroundings' beauty while providing the necessary lighting for outdoor services or events.

Our lighting systems can also be automated, synchronized with audio and video, and controlled remotely for optimal convenience and ease of use.

Control Solutions

Our control systems can help you manage all your audio, video, and lighting systems from a central interface. We work with Control4, a leading automation and control solutions provider, to create a fully integrated and customized system that can streamline your operations and save you time and energy. With Control4, you can control your entire worship system using a smartphone, tablet, or remote control, even from a remote location.

Why Choose RMS Installs?

At RMS Installs, we pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service and support. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and installing worship systems of all sizes and complexity levels. We use only the highest quality products and brands that are reliable and user-friendly, and we take the time to educate and inform our clients about different options and scenarios.

Don't wait any longer to create an immersive worship experience for your congregation. Contact us today to learn more about our Worship Solutions and to schedule a consultation with our team.


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