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Distributed Multi-Room Audio Package
Wiring Scenario for New Speakers
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Add all the zones in your house where you want stereo audio, with as many pairs of speakers as you wish. Include a physical volume control where desired.

You will see the room installation cost updated in real-time.

Then, we will guide you through the most convenient options for Speakers, Amplifying, and Switching souces.

RMS Custom Multi-Room Audio Package Builder
Required Equipment
Package Total
RMS Custom Multi-Room Audio Package Builder
Package Total

8 ohm | Polypropylene cone | Pivotable Teteron Tweeters

RMS Custom Multi-Room Audio Package Builder
Amplification System
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RMS Custom Multi-Room Audio Package Builder
Distribution System
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Any Source to Any Room | Automation System required for Wireless Control

Imagine seamlessly playing your favorite music, radio station, or podcast as you move from room to room, enjoying perfect synchronization and harmony. Or perhaps you prefer different sounds to fit each space's mood? You can have calm ambient music in your home office, a lively playlist in the living room, and soothing nature sounds in the bathroom, all playing simultaneously and controlled independently. Set the perfect soundtrack for your daily routines, or easily create a vibrant multi-ambiance atmosphere for your upcoming party. Unleash the power of sound and elevate your home's comfort and functionality to a whole new level.

Step into the world of Multi-Room Audio Installation with RMS Installs, where we craft soundscapes that respect your budget while never compromising on an immersive audio experience. Let's summarize the three different ways we can bring this experience to life in your home:

1. Consumer Wireless Systems

Dive into a world of wire-free sound with our consumer wireless systems. Simply place our sleek speakers in your desired rooms, and they'll connect to your home Wi-Fi. From compact speakers to soundbars and subwoofers, an expansive product line allows you to tailor your audio setup to each room's needs. Capable of sharing and streaming virtually any audio source -be it your personal music library, internet radio, any major streaming service, your TV audio, or the record playing in your treasured turntable-, no matter where any of those are located.

Just using a user-friendly mobile app or its PC counterpart, you will be able to create virtual audio zones throughout your home, controlling their volumes and sources independently or as a group.

2. Wired Audio-Matrix Systems

Step up your audio game with our wired audio matrix systems. These are for music lovers seeking power and top-notch sound quality.

A wired multi-room audio system involves speakers installed in various rooms, all connected to a central Audio Matrix, as big as many audio zones are desired.

While maintaining the convenience of a single app for multiple audio sources, these systems provide an enhanced sound experience. You can create and control multiple audio zones in your home, like wireless systems.

If you're an audiophile, this is the system you'd want to hear your favorite melodies through.

3. Audio Over IP

You can think of it as a hybrid system combining the best of both previous options: high-quality audio and a cable-free solution to provide versatility and maximize aesthetic value. This approach offers the best scalability, flexibility, and the ability to deliver uncompressed high-resolution audio to multiple rooms.

Why Choose RMS Installs?

At RMS Installs, we strive for more than merely setting up your speakers. We create customized audio experiences that resonate with your auditory preferences. Our expertise stretches from simplifying the complex wiring of advanced audio distribution systems to seamlessly integrating the whole control of your house connectivity, security, comfort, and entertainment into your lifestyle and existing interior decor. We listen, guide, and transform your home into a haven of high-quality sound. With RMS Installs, let's hit the right notes and make your home sing.

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Our Guarantee
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Certified Professionals

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