Decoding SMART HOME Tech | Pros vs. Cons Analysis
SMART HOME Technology - What Are The PROS and CONS?

SMART HOME Technology - What Are The PROS and CONS?

If you house is emerged in automations and smart devices, you must be having the time of your life. Right? A voice controlled oven, a spectacular TV or an indoor garden that practically manages itself. Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. In fact, 68% of Americans are of the view that smart homes will be equal in popularity as smartphones within 10 years. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if there’s any truth in that. Speaking of smart home automation, RMS Installs in Atlanta GA provide the best smart home automation and smart homes installation you could ever ask for.

Smart homes are all the rage. But let’s start from beginning.


What exactly is a smart home?

Smart home is a home that has technology in it. It’s changed the way we interact with our homes today. It could be Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or even a Ring doorbell. It could be several things that makes a smart home. You control everything in your house just by sitting there. This not only includes your TVs or sound systems or air conditioning. But other things as well like the clock, shades and blinds, lighting, your front door, your garage, your security cameras and even your cooking utensils as well.  With Smart Home Automation you have the freedom to control a wide range of stuff through voice control. Also through simple one touch of your device.


What are the advantages of having a smart home?

You can control it no matter where you’re at in the world. It has the ability to change the accessibility of the button. So if one day you forget the garage door of your home. Worry not because with a single touch on your smart phone you can easily control it to open or close.


It keeps you safe from burglars and thieves trying to get into your personal property.

Decrease expenses

Yes, smart homes can lessen your financial burden. It would do this by making sure it turns the lights off when you leave your house, turn it on at a dim setting instead of full brightness. It would set your home temperature according to your liking, etc.


Smart homes can be great at saving energy. They can keep track of where you are at, they’ll detect your presence and can save energy by turning off lights, fans and other appliances when they are not in use. What are some of the risks attached to smart home technology? Some of the precautions you should know are:

Read the Privacy terms and conditions

You should definitely take a look at the terms and the conditions of the services you’re going to get. All the big companies do that. Don’t read everything into detail.  But you should know what the gist is.

  1. Disable Alexa or Siri’s ability to listen in on private conservations.
  2. Smart apps leave you vulnerable to break-ins and fires
  3. Smart home technology facilitates identity theft

Make sure to change your passwords frequently. Make sure you change the modem you get with your internet from your provider. It has a default password so make sure you change that. Also, it’s important to put a firewall in place to protect the environment. It’s just like having a lock on your front door.


Smart home devices are easy for hackers to crack into home network

If you want the best smart home installation in town, feel free to contact RMS Installs Atlanta GA. The absolute as far as smart home installation is concerned. For more information, visit our website.


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